Dreiske storage service

Storage needs are not the same for everyone. Dreiske Moving & Storage offers a variety of storage options to fit your needs. Do you need overnight, short term, long term storage, or just a Mobile Storage Unit in your driveway for a short while? Explore the different types of storage we offer here!

Retention on Van (ROV)

For those times when your closings are not optimally timed, or you are facing some other delay in taking possession of your new home or business we offer storage on our truck(s) for up to five nights. If you want peace of mind knowing you do not have to rush to meet the movers, suffer delays that will cost you more, or be concerned with extraordinarily long moving days this may be the option for you. There is a small per night per truck fee for this service. Many of our clients appreciate the availability of Retention on Van storage and tell us that our cost is considerably more reasonable than other companies they have spoken with. Call our office and ask us about this option.

Storage in Transit (SIT)

When you need storage beyond 5 days but less than long term we offer Storage in Transit. It is not unusual for clients to sell their homes more quickly than anticipated and to not have found a new location yet. Sometimes closings are weeks apart, or the family is going on vacation. Any number of situations might find you needing to store your goods for weeks. Dreiske Moving offers Storage in Transit for just such occasions.

Mobile Storage Units (MSU)

Mobile Storage Units are an excellent choice for unique situations. Clients who are having new flooring installed or are remodeling sometimes want to move their goods into mobile storage for the duration of their work. Whatever your situation, if you have storage needs that a MSU would fill Dreiske Moving can drop a Mobile Storage Unit into your driveway and leave it for your use, or we can bring it back to our yard or warehouse for short term storage. You have the option of loading the MSU yourself or hiring our movers to load it for you. Rates vary depending on the scope of your job. Call Dreiske Moving today to see how we can assist you.

Vault Storage

Transitioning clients often require long term storage for various reasons. Dreiske Moving offers vault storage within our warehouse for a monthly fee. Our movers will load your goods, bring them back to the warehouse and load them into vaults that will be shelved in our warehouse for as long as you need them to be stored. When you are ready for delivery we will unload your goods into the spaces of your choosing.