Some moves require a unique attention to detail. That’s our specialty.

  • Hotshot Delivery:

    Dreiske is now able to provide local delivery within 24 hours, up to 200 miles away. Call us today and ask about our HotShot Delivery Service. You now have a fast option for unique deliveries in your region. And you can expect the same care for your HotShot Delivery that you expect from any Dreiske service.

  • Logistics:

    For growing companies, moves are not always as simple as point A to B. When timing and coordination come into play, let Dreiske manage the moving parts for you and give you clarity.

  • Transitional Warehousing:

    Need to house items for a period of time as your move is completed? We’ll help with secure storage space that frees up your space.

  • White Glove Service:

    We provide extra care on all moves. And then there are those items that require a delicate touch due to their unique nature and value. We specialize in honoring these special items as we bring them to their new home.

  • Antiques:

    We have the crates and personal attention to care needed to make sure that your most valuable antiques are transported safely.

  • Custom Loading:

    Unique items and schedule sometimes require special handling and loading. How best to time the arrival and implementation of your items at the new location? Often times the way your items are loaded and unloaded makes the difference.

  • Flexible Scheduling:

    Like logistics, timing of a move can be multi-layered. We coordinate with you to make sure your business receives the seamless transition it requires to stay operational as you move.

  • Hot Tubs:

    We utilize specialized dollies and equipment for moving Hot tubs sized up to 8 or 9 People. The careful move of your Hot Tub is our forte.

  • Pianos:

    Whether it is a Spinet Piano or a full-size grand we have specially-trained team members to make sure that your musical valuable is moved with the utmost care.

  • Safes:

    An important item with immeasurable value and sometimes, significant weight. We handle safes up to 1,800 lbs. and usher them to their new location with the utmost in security and care.

  • Pool Tables:

    Dis-assembly and re-assembly of Pool Tables can be done by our team. We are veterans at re-applying the felt and making sure that you have a level table again.

Ask us about more of our specialty focus on your move. We can help you with most anything.