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What Does Moving Cost?

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What Does It Cost to Hire Movers

Typically, the cost of your move is based on several factors;

Local moves are charged hourly

  • Hourly charges are based on how many crew members you need to complete your move in a reasonable day
  • If you order packing, charges will be for materials plus hourly for the time it takes to complete. Unpacking, if ordered, is charged hourly
  • Your level of preparedness will affect your cost. If your boxes are packed, sealed and ready to go, beds are broken down, and everything is ready to be loaded, you will save time for the movers, and this will save you money. Remember, local moves are charged hourly so every hour we spend getting you prepared is an hour you are charged for. We are happy to do it, but we do want you to know up front that this will have an impact on your cost

Storage is charged based on what you need and for how long

  • Overnight storage on a truck is available at Dreiske for up to 5 nights for a nominal per night fee
  • Climate controlled storage in vaults in our warehouse is available based on a monthly fee. One vault will hold up to 200 CF of goods. You will be charged according to how many vaults your goods require
  • Delivery of long-distance moves can take up to one week. There are no storage charges for the normal few days between pickup and delivery as long as you do not order a delay or storage

Moves that cross state lines are charged according to the weight of your goods and the distance of the move

  • Your estimator will estimate how many pounds of goods you have by making a list of all your household goods, including boxes. While there is an average of pounds per cubic foot of goods, if you have a lot of very heavy furniture, this will be adjusted to account for that. However, this is still an estimate. If your estimator estimates you have 20,000 pounds of goods, the estimated charges will be for 20,000 pounds.
  • If you order packing, crating or other services, charges will be included in your estimated cost
  • Your estimator will discuss the destination with you as well, to determine if there are circumstances that could add cost. This might include whether or not a semi-truck can access the destination or if a shuttle will be required. If a shuttle is needed, the cost for the shuttle truck rental, and labor to unload and reload, will be added to your cost
  • Movers are required to offer you an estimated cost for your move with the understanding that, once the truck is loaded and weighed, your final cost will be according to the true weight versus the estimated weight, plus any additional services ordered, whether that is more or less than estimated. Movers have the option, but are not required, to offer you a binding rate – that is, a flat rate for which they will complete your move

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to a move. Call a good, reputable, local mover with a brick and mortar location and ask for an estimated cost. If you have a 3 bedroom or larger move, or a long-distance move, you should receive a free onsite visit from an estimator to ascertain your moving challenges and needs, and you should receive a free estimate. Make sure there are no hidden fees that will be tacked on later. It never hurts to ask questions!

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