Local Residential Move

Knowing what your local move will be from the beginning
As you discover the services we offer you will come to realize what you truly cannot afford; liability issues, accidents and losses that can result from less professional moving companies not taking the time to understand your needs.

Getting an accurate estimate at the very beginning will make a big difference. Ours are more accurate because we take all facets of the process, and our clients’ unique needs, into account. Because of this detailed and customer oriented approach our clients save money in the end.

Understanding the Size of Your Move
One of the biggest factors in determining the cost of your move is determining the size of your move. This information dictates the manpower, equipment and truck size that will be needed. When we ask you a series of questions to ascertain how much stuff you want us to move, this is to determine how many cubic feet of space we need, which will dictate the size of truck we send.

Small Moves:

  • Single Items
  • Single Rooms
  • Single Person Offices
  • Delivery of Specialty Items; Safes, Pool Tables, Pianos and More

Medium Moves:

  • Two-Bedroom Apartments
  • Seven Room Homes
  • Four Person Offices

Large Moves:

  • Estate Homes
  • Offices Suites and Warehouses
  • Municipal Buildings and Complexes
  • Medical Offices and Equipment

Other Cost Factors
Being well prepared on the day of your move will aid in the process. The more the movers do, the more time it takes to complete the move. Local moves are charged by the hour so the more hours it takes the higher the cost.

Some of the things you can do to reduce these costs are;

  • Pack and tape all boxes with the room they go into clearly marked
  • Stage as much as you can in a room closest to the exit or in a garage
  • Take furniture apart before the movers arrive (bunk beds, desks, beds)
  • Make sure someone is there to let the movers in and enable them to get to work

During Your Move
Your crew will be sent with a foreman who oversees the move. The foreman is a professional mover who knows what needs to happen. Even if you are in a similar business and believe you can direct the movers it is the responsibility of the foreman to make sure all goes well and according to company policy. For the best moving experience please let the movers do what they do best. They have extensive training and a desire to please the customer.

Movers always appreciate your efforts to make things go smoothly. Some things you might like to do (and that many clients have so kindly done);

  • Provide cold bottled water for them
  • Make sure pets are not under foot (aggressive pets should be caged or off premises)
  • Make sure their paths are clear for moving items out

Our movers work quickly and efficiently with the goal of leaving our customers with a great experience for which they will recommend us to their friends. Professional movers are part of the service industry and tips for a job well done are greatly appreciated. There is no hard and fast rule about the amount and that should be determined by you according to the job they did. They certainly appreciate your kindness and generosity.