Commercial Moves

Dreiske Moving & Storage is an award winning moving service because we care about providing the best and most professional customer service to our clients. We take the time to understand your business moving needs to create a free and accurate estimate and our detail oriented approach saves your business money. With multiple locations servicing all of the continental U.S., we are positioned to fill all of your moving requirements with our wide variety of logistical services for business owners, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare industries, and institutions. When changes in your business require you to relocate, call the professionals at Dreiske Moving & Storage to make it happen quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Our Commercial Services

At Dreiske Moving & Storage we offer:
• Packing and custom crating
• Disassembly and reassembly of furniture/cubicles
• Short-term and long-term storage options
• Same day or multi-day moves
• File moving, storage, and tote rental
• New furniture receiving, inspecting, delivery, and installation
• Asset and Project management
• Desktop services
• Laboratory relocations
• Move-Add-Change internal projects
• Full time onsite facility solutions

Certificate Of Insurance

Sometimes a commercial building will require you to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your vendors. If you need to get a COI for a project you are moving with us, please call or email your Account Manager with the name and address of the additional insured to be listed on the COI. The management office should be able to provide you with this information to share with us. Once we receive it, we should have a COI to you within 24 business hours.


We are HIPAA Certified to move medical records in accordance with HIPAA laws under both state and federal regulations. We use HIPAA approved record totes with locks and our crew members are trained in the proper handling, loading, and security of sensitive records for transport.

What To Expect

When you call for your free estimate, we immediately assign an Account Manager to your move. Your Account Manager will be able to answer all of your questions, set up your estimate, and schedule your move. On the day of your move our trained, courteous, and most of all, hard-working team members will arrive promptly and will treat your possessions with respect. At Dreiske Moving & Storage we provide professional service from start to finish. You can access our free Commercial Moving Guide & Checklist to help make your transition even smoother.


Dreiske is fully trained and equipped to handle your e-waste, from pickup to properly packaging and shrink wrapping, to palletizing. If you have e-waste for recycling, we can get it ready for the carrier of your choice to pick up from our dock for delivery to a recycling center. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange delivery for you to the recycle center. If you need help locating a recycler who handles e-waste let us know! We have the resources you need and will be happy to connect you. Call Dreiske today to see how we can help you recycle your e-waste responsibly and efficiently.

Quote VS Estimate

Some commercial relocations require a quote while others need an estimate. A quote is a guaranteed cost based on specific scope of work discussed to be done and the final cost for the move will not change unless the scope of work changes. An estimate is based on an approximation of hours needed for the move at an hourly rate and the final cost is determined by the man hours and equipment used to complete the job. We are happy to provide either option to our clients and our Estimators will speak with you to determine which option works best for you.


The process of moving offices, industrial complexes, healthcare facilities, institutional buildings, entire corporate campuses, manufacturing plants, laboratories, or warehouses can seem at times to be full of complexities, unhappy employees, cost overruns, and several more potentially unpleasant outcomes. So what’s the secret to a successful commercial relocation?

The simple key to success is to follow closely the rule of the six “P”‘s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance! This rule certainly applies to you if you’re the one with the ultimate responsibility for executing the relocation process and outcome, but it also applies to your company teammates and to your outside service providers. It also applies to every company planning for a relocation regardless of type or size.

When it comes to a large relocation project there is no such thing as being over prepared. The process should ideally start with outlining your every need in a step-by-step protocol, and then nailing down those details with each service provider and communicating those details with your internal constituents.

Sure, there are some basic pre-move elements such as office/facility design, space utilization, technology concerns (inclusive of availability, usage and maximization), inventory control, resource tracking, utility planning, and timing that you may think are outside a moving company’s purview. But one area where many companies make a mistake is by not calling in their moving company earlier in the process so that their mover can play a pivotal role in the actual pre-move planning. Plus, your mover will have relationships with services that can be helpful to you in the moving process.

Where the relocation process sometimes breaks down is when employees are neglected and/or uninformed of the need, the plan, the outcome and how the actual relocation impacts them in the end. Generally speaking, employees are still regarded as the biggest asset that any company can have. Communication, even to the point of being accused of over-communicating, is one of the key elements of a truly successful relocation plan and outcome.

Having a partner or partners who understand all of the above is also important when it comes to planning a successful relocation. You want a moving company partner that has knowledge and valuable input, capacity and capability, proper equipment and manpower, planning expertise, and relationships with service providers you may need during your big move. Having a move manager, a well-thought-out plan, and good execution can make the difference between a great move and a stress filled one. Let Dreiske provide you with the former.

When you’re ready to start the relocation planning process be sure to call a reliable partner! Let’s start with an onsite visit and work together to make and execute a great plan for moving day. This way, we can minimize down time and maximize your bottom line, even during a move!