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Why Dreiske?

Dreiske cares about assuring you during a stressful time of upheaval. Mike and his team value their relationship with you and the opportunity to help you. Dreiske Moving assures clients that they can handle this temporary upset because Dreiske is committed to helping clients with everything; even the emotional part.

It’s human to find ourselves out of our element when we move. It is disorienting. Dreiske has a compassionate touch and an understanding that the moving process is an emotional, high-stress event in people’s lives. Dreiske will handle it for you and help you through it with an empathetic approach. All our movers are trained to be gentle and caring with your personal effects, office materials, furnishings and valuables. You need not worry about a rough ‘baggage-handler’ approach to your items. They will be cared for as though these valuables are our own.

A word from MIKE DREISKE, owner

“We love providing assurance during a stressful time of upheaval. Moving can be dis-orienting for families and companies. My team is here to help you, not just move you. We understand the ‘human discomfort’ of moving and we’re here to make it as simple and smooth as possible.”

Pricing your move

We love to change the perception that “I can’t afford it.” People learn that they don’t know what they truly can’t afford: such as liability issues, accidents and loss. Dreiske can appear to cost more when the reality is we are less, and our estimates are more accurate. Clients save money in the end. And Dreiske hourly rates tend to be less than competitors.

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“Your guys did a great job. They were very nice, very careful and very thorough. Both myself and my client were very happy.”

Woodstock, IL